What we do on this project

Client ask from us to create custom webshop, without framework, for his company. Core business of company is accessories for mobile phones

Company has more than 30 employees and every employee has to work on admin panel.

Requirements from client

Fast and reliable website

What we do :

Because most of selling is in the morning hours, we use AWS instance and optimise resources based on customer behavior.

Also we monitoring and customise AWS instance (Ubuntu) for best performance

Synchronise all articles data from accounting software on every change in system

What we do :

Accounting DataBase is SyBase so we have to creat two ways of comunication

  • Direct query to DataBase
  • Use RestAPi Calls

For that operation we create two way VPN communication with central Accounting DataBase

Create custom admin panel

What we do :

Admin panel consist of two parts

  • System monitoring - B2B ordering
  • Front End Management

And much more custom solutions... Mail Server, Actions, News, Reviews, Banners, Custom prices, total consumption (week, month, year)....

In short, what client usk from us to create we accomplish that task

Mobile application for in house merchandisers and traveling salesman

What we do :

We create couple mobile applications which rely on Server RestApi call

Every application in custom made, native platform and high level of security - (some of them are not on market)


When we develop website from ground we give client full support and maintenance of whole system


Custom design

What we do :

Accordin to requst of client we create custom design

Fully Responsive

Tailored WebSite the way we wanted
— Shone - digitalVision


Technology for this project

This is one fast i reliable custom made ERP with PhP, MSSQL, C# RestApi for SyBase Sync, Jquery

Whole project is in PHP language. DB is MSSQL and through VPN we establish connection to SyBase DataBase

Currently on this ERP works about ~ 25 employess and ~1000 B2B buyers. Every day.

Project Management - JIRA - Client sets task on JIRA system and track performance

Number of people working on this project - Four (4)



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