What we do on this project

Client ask from us to create system that will comunicate with other B2B system and collect all articles from them and storage articles in his database

Company has 5 emaployess

Requirements from client

Synchronise all articles data from ALL B2B wareHouses every change in system

What we do :

  • Direct query to DataBase
  • Use RestAPi Calls

Admin Panel

What we do :

Admin panel consist of two parts

  • System monitoring - B2B ordering
  • System monitoring - Synchronising services - CREATE CRON JOBS
  • Front End Management
  • Different prices of articles bases of B2C group that user belong


When we develop website from ground we give client full support and maintenance of whole system


Custom design

What we do :

Accordin to requst of client we create custom design

Fully Responsive

Web Shop created for us
— Nole - dodatnaoprema


Technology for this project

This is one fast i reliable custom made WebShop with PhP, MSSQL, Sync, Jquery, Bootstrap

Whole project is in PHP language. DB is MySql



Other Companies who use our services

List of companies that we establish business on mutual satisfaction