What we do on this project

Client ask from us to create custom hydroponic solution for his company Lobby, because for his clients while waiting for a meeting can enjoy the scents and garden with plants

Company has more than 500 employees and this solutions show evironment friendly status to clients

Also can be used on the terrace or garden. Provides production for the needs of one host

Requirements from client

Reliable System

How System Works

Hydroponic solution system is based on NODEMCU ESP8266 or ESP32

Coding is in Arduino IDE

How it works

The data collected from the garden system(NODEMCU) sent to the Cloud Server. The server receives data from the device and stores it in the Mysql Database

The server processes the information it receives from the garden and returns information about what the system should do accpring to system intelligence

Android app pulls data from the server and the user can see in real time how the system works

Based on the data from the system, User can control the light, water temperature and water pump

In picture how automated hydroponics system works

Customise solution

According to the requirements from client we can customise solution just for them

Mobile application for hydroponic solution

With this application you can remote follow status of Temperature, Water and Pump from in you garden

Link for Download Aplication


User Name :

Pass : 181


Full remote support and maintenance of whole system


Hydroponic solution for House, Restaurants and Companys lobby


Technology for this project

This system has diversity of knowlede

  • First we setup AWS instance, Ubutnu, Php, Mysql and other dependencies
  • After we make REST API for sent and receive data
  • Create Hardware and programming in C++ on Arduino IDE
  • Create Android Application that comunicate with Servet through JSON REST APIS

Server side project is in PHP language. DB is MSSQL.

Sotware on ESP8266 is C++

Android Application is JAVA

DataBase is Mysql

On this project everything is build from groud. Custom made Rest Appis, Native Android Application, Server side AI for control vegetables

Complete Code you can find here - LINK



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