What we do on this project

Creating, developing and maintainingnew website of the Office for Regulatory Reform and Regulatory ImpactAssessment (i.e. creating custom content management system for new RIA site)

Re-designing specifications of the software that was used for the Comprehensive Review of Regulations (Guillotine) for the use related to the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA);

Designing specifications of the software to be used for the web application of the Standard Cost Model model based on the software that was used for the “Guillotine” project;

InHouse Solution for monitoring law regulations

Requirements from government

Developingnew modules for INTRANET solution

What we do :

  • Create and maintaing website and database
  • Technical support government employees
  • Monitoring the quality of Regulatory Impact Analysis justification statements
  • Reviewing and assessing draft laws prepared by the ministries of the Government of Serbia, to determine if they might produce negative impacts such asunnecessary costs and administrative burdens on private sector and citizens
  • Providing consultations to the ministries when preparing RIA justification statements

Project Scope

Project is InHouse solution, only develop for government employees

Requirements from this project are Security and Reliability

Supervision of the performance of the system;

Cooperation with the companies related to the maintenance of the hardware;


Technology for this project

  • Oracle SQL -> MySQL
  • FRONT END => HTML5 and CSS3
  • No framework, no third party software


Other Companies who use our services

List of companies that we establish business on mutual satisfaction